30 Oct 2009

No sore feet for this wedding party!

Getting cold in that sexy and strappy, yet ultimately the absolute wrong choice for an outdoor wedding in New England in October dress?
Grab a pashmina and warm up!

Sounds about the right order to me!

This is just a wicked cool photo.

Another cool feet picture.

Autumn cupcake!

Pumpkins (pumpkins will be included) and neat directional signs.

Not that I would ever do this, but I thought it was funny.
I give you: a Jimmy Buffet wedding.

I like the casual layout of the food and drinks.
Colourful, homey (it doesn't scream out "catered" with big metal pans and such) and looks damn yummy

I like the look of these, and Ben likes candles!
Win, win!

These are clever.
1. All inclusive smores treat!
2. Homemade cookie buffet
3. Chocolate covered pretzels (not so much clever, as I love chocolate covered pretzels...)
4. Bride and groom chocolate covered strawberries.
bright/bold colours, or pale/dusty colours??

I just don't know!!

I like them both!

Feet tired from standing around in those gorgeous, yet extremely uncomfortable, sassy heels?
Have a pair of dancing shoes!

This is definitely going in our wedding.

I am just going to keep adding images of wedding cupcakes as I find them, just to highlight how awesome they are.

You might not get this one unless you're British, but it's a play on this:

These are everywhere all over the city, and there are a few hanging up in the Foundation.
Needless to say, it made me laugh.

Not really possible in New England in October...but a rather nice image none-the-less.

More pretty neat ways to photograph the rings.
Plus, how cool are wedding day M&M's?


This looks like way too much fun.

Atop a (cup) cake?
Does it get any better?
I think not.

29 Oct 2009

It's not Abbey Road (it's Shoreditch) but this shot is still wicked cool!!

And hey, when in London, right?

28 Oct 2009

These were on a do-it-yourself website, and I got all excited.
Then I saw that all that was done was to remove the glass from store-bought lanterns and insert decorative paper.
Kinda disappointed...

But still love the idea of funky decorative lighting elements in trees!
(and the photo makes these ones look wicked cool)

Taking the "feet picture" to a whole new awesome level.

Funny, cute (and educational!) relationship timelines/how they mets to add in with the invites!
The second one made me laugh out loud.

I think I am a fan of the hair down or partially tied back (sparsely though) with an accent of a large-ish flower.
The look is casual but gorgeous, and I won't have to worry that I am ruining my hair style all night!

1. Love the "Eat, Drink and be Married!" on the invite.

2. The leaves on the apples as the placecards is really cool. And bonus, free apple! (and another example of the neat chalkboard menu. save paper!)

3. Really like the huge ampersand (otherwise known as this symbol ---> & ) tied between the bride and groom's chairs for the reception

4. Huge props to me for spelling ampersand correctly on the first try!

Hee hee!

Now, normally I would love this anyways, but I happen to be reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies at the moment, so this takes on a whole nother level of awesomeness.

Another wicked cute way to photograph the rings.

Photobooths at weddings (same idea as the ones you see in grocery stores or movie theatres or those kinds of places, only this way all the guests go in and take a series of photos that are memories of the day, or something like that. quite a few that I have seen involve props...) are apparently all the rage now-a-days, and I just ran across this really quirky backdrop for one.

I for one would be making funny faces in the frames...but that's just me.

updated: found this image that explains how this photobooth thing apparently works...

Kind of neat, no?

Nabbed from a friend's facebook photo album, I like the corks as placecard holders.
Easy, cheap and quirky!

27 Oct 2009

For the mother-in-law: "You Brewed Him Just Right". Love it!
Robin, forget you ever saw this.....

This is rather neat. And yes, part of the reason I like it is because of the awful pun. But it really would be a very nice keepsake of the day.