28 Apr 2011

25 Apr 2011


The Walk for Hunger is one week away! Here are some stats to show what good your donations can do:

$25 provides a bowl of hot soup + a sandwich for 50 people at an emergency food program.
$50 provides a bowl of hot soup + a sandwich for 100 people at an emergency food program.
$100 provides a week's supply of groceries for 5 families at a local food pantry.
$500 provides a week's supply of groceries for 25 families at a local food pantry.
(anything helps!)

So donate today!

Help eradicate hunger (in massachusetts and everywhere)!

Go to our team page to donate or join our walking group!


so I tried on my wedding dress this weekend while down at my parent's for easter.

it turns out to be a size too big.

now, there are two things I could do here.
I could take it to a seamstress to be taken in, or I could eat cake.

lots and lots of cake.

would you judge me if I told you I was leaning towards cake?


20 Apr 2011

15 Apr 2011

or this also has that "messy-chic" look:

(and also appears to require minimal hairspray.)


I could get down with this hairstyle for the wedding.

it doesn't look like it requires too much hairspray.



so I have finally found something "wedding" that I am good at!

I can rock an invitation design.

as can ben.

from the "hmmm, we should prolly do something about invitations, huh?" on sunday night to the bringing them to the post office to get mailed the next monday we designed, drew, re-designed, photoshopped, printed, folded, addressed and sent them off.

nothing to it.

as soon as everybody has received theirs, we'll post pictures of the process (in as much as we have pictures of the process) and the final product here.

we're a little tiny bit boastful about these.

[teeniest bit.]

[they are the most awesomest thing ever!]


14 Apr 2011

a couple of weeks ago I was sitting in a local community center waiting to see if somebody there could help me with my taxes (they were running a free clinic. and they couldn't. damn foreign income threw a wrench in it) and I saw a poster for a walk for hunger sponsored by Project Bread, a massachusetts-based anti-poverty organization.

and I thought "hmmmm, I should do that."

and then forgot about it.

and then I saw a sign on the side of a bus and started to think about it again.

so I signed up and started a team!
the walk is on the 30th of april here in boston, and all proceeds go to over 400 emergency food organizations that Project Bread is partnered with.

tis a good cause.

so if you would like to donate, or even better, if you would like to join the team and walk all or part of the 20 miles round beautiful down-town boston, follow the link to our team homepage!

every little bit helps!


bethany (and teammates)

3 things to keep in mind while addressing wedding invitations

1. keep all cats in the house at a 50 foot radius. or the second you turn your back this happens:

 2. if you are listening to music while addressing, try to keep from singing along out loud. or you may just find yourself writing down the lyrics to bohemian rhapsody on the envelope instead of your cousin's address in florida.

3. other countries have some weird addresses, and a certain couple from trinidad may quite possibly have the longest address in all existence. four countries listed and nary a zip or post code to be found. allow extra space. I may have gone through a couple of envelopes before I planned ahead enough to not be forced into miniscule writing at the end...


12 Apr 2011

wedding cupcake trial run number one was attempted on sunday.

here are a few of the highlights:

the cupcakes pictured are white cupcakes (with a multitude of buttercream frosting varieties).
we also made carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, but camera didn't stay out and active that long, as it became way too important to eat as many cupcakes as we could perform important quality control roles.

and rest assured, the final cupcakes will not look so circus-like.
but there were different frosting tips to be played with.
you can't not do things like that.


6 Apr 2011

I got the email confirmation this morning that my wedding dress was shipped!

it's scheduled for delivery on the 12th of april.

which is wicked awesome.

but the best part?

according to UPS it only weighs 3 pounds.

that barely covers the weight of the beading on some of the other dresses I had tried on.

thank god for cotton poplin.


1 Apr 2011

happy april fool's day!

also known as two years to the day that ben asked bethany to marry him.
or, more accurately, the day he said he wanted to spend the rest of his life loving bethany.

ben never actually asked bethany to marry him. [and thus bethany does not consider this whole thing to be contractually binding. least not yet.]

was talking with ben on the phone last night and we were reminiscing about the proposal, ben's initial plans thwarted by his lack of knowledge pertaining to the hours of london's parks and various other things.
apparently he was wicked nervous I was going to say no.
which I think is just silly, but then again I am not a dude about to propose.

the conversation then moved onto our planning process [or lack there-of], all the things we would have done differently, the stress, the frustrations, etc etc etc.

and then he said if he could go back in time two years, knowing everything he knows now, he wouldn't do a thing differently.
he'd still ask me to marry him.
even with the knowledge of how messed up things were about to get.

now that's love.

and pretty much sums up why I am looking forward to wiling away all my days with ben.
he's a stubborn fool, but a damn lovable one.

and he's my lovable stubborn fool.