21 Jul 2011

so I know it looks like I've been avoiding you.

and that's only, like, 65% true.

mostly I've been waiting for some pictures to come in.
as illustrated summaries are the best summaries!

we should hopefully be getting the professional photos soon, and a few of our friends took some really good ones and have promised to send them our way.

in theory, by 2012 at the latest there will be some more activity round these parts.
(but the real goal is before we fly back to london...)


7 Jul 2011

a few quick-fire recollections
(before [eventually] getting into the in-depth play-by-play analysis, sports center style)

wearing sneakers on our wedding day was the best decision I ever made. my feet never hurt. not once.

you know somebody caught the princess bride references you wrote into the ceremony when you hear snickering from behind you.
(and more so, you know exactly who it is...)

looking through the photos coming in from friends and family, it seems there were very few moments where I did not have a beer bottle in my hand. I am not sure if I married ben, or sam adams...

putting manikins on all the tables may have been the bestest idea ever in the history of bestest ideas.

[all photos from friends, family and the disposable cameras left on the tables (also a good idea.)]