26 Apr 2010

so we made it to the states, icelandic volcano be damned!

and this morning we officially start looking for a wedding venue.
my mom has said something along the lines of "you're not allowed to leave the country until you have a venue and set a date". (always in a hurry, that one.)

we are checking out places in CT and NH (our home states respectively), and by the time we land back in london in a week we will be well on our way to actually planning this thing!

updates will be posted as things progress.

think good wedding venue thoughts!

19 Apr 2010


ummm, can we talk about this?

a cupcake.

in a jar.

is there anything better?
I submit to you there is not.

a cupcake in a jar!

also this.

jelly beans in a jar!

goal: make everyone at our wedding fat. but in a totally good way.


14 Apr 2010

ok, so normally the designer gown realm doesn't really appeal to me. over-priced, over-ruffled, looks like you'd only survive 10 miuntes in them because you'd be oxygen deprived from the severe corseting after 5. that kinda thing.

but goodness me, do these dresses fly in the face of that declaration.

is it the art masterpiece connection?
almost certainly.

and the polka dots of the degas dress.

polka dots!

each dress was inspired by a piece of artwork, all designed by Carolina Herrera. all pretty darn cool in their own way.

[bonus points if you can identify all the paintings. without google. cheaters.]

[polka dots!]


13 Apr 2010

this bride used succulents in her bouquet when she got married, which meant she was able to plant them post-wedding.

six months on, and they're still going strong.

I find that kinda neat.


12 Apr 2010

7 Apr 2010

hand written vows.

[and proof I can bring my moleskin anywhere, even up to the alter with me!]


do. a deer, a female deer.

ray. a drop of golden suuuuuuuuun.

me. a name I call myself.

fa. a long long way to ruuuuuuuun.

[I'll spare you the rest of the song. but it is now undenaibly stuck in your head. for at least the rest of the day. muwahaha!]




you all know how I feel about moleskins...


6 Apr 2010

I was on board at "invitations with maps".
but invitations with maps at different scales, starting at the globe and ending at the street?

I am smitten.



yea, I don't think I need to explain why I love this...



[the last three posts have all been from the same wedding, btw. in new zealand. I have decided I am moving to new zealand.]


I am still in love with these floral arrangements [loose use of the term].


when there is no colour pallate, every colour goes.

my decorating mantra.




1 Apr 2010

well, we've been engaged a year now.

[yes, Ben proposed on april fool's day. the "are you serious?" that is the first thing out of everyone's mouth who has just been proposed to was asked in earnest by me. had to check. you know, just in case.]

friends who got engaged around the same time as us were on the ball, have planned everything out and will be getting hitched in a month or two.

us? we haven't even figured out a season, never mind set a date.

it's typical ben + bethany.
procrastination truely is our middle name.

I swear, we'll get around to this wedding thing eventually.