23 Feb 2010

sign of a fun-lovin' and laid back couple.

sign of a wicked awesome and sweet wedding.


I am not above attempting this.

from accordians and lace:

The mister and I woke up this morning to the following email in our inboxes:
TO: THE  [combo of both of our last names]

Please note the following change in your itinerary for the weekend of July 17-19: there will be no overnight stay.
Please be ready to depart at 10:00 AM on Saturday, July 18.  Transport has been arranged and a driver will pick you up at your residence at this time.  If you are lucky, the driver will later return you to said-residence at approximately 5:00 PM.
Please ensure that you are prepared with the following survival equipment:
- 2 avocados
- Sunblock
- 1 ball (of any kind, preferably bouncy)
- Goggles or snorkel masks
- Breadcrumbs
- 1 flashlight
- Water bottles (full of the beverage of your choice)
- 1 frying pan and spatula
- Bathing suits
- 1 fly swatter
- 1 deck of cards
- 2 notebooks and pens
- Baby wipes or wet-naps
- Pillowcases
- Astronaut ice cream or gummy bears or gummy worms
- Bubbles
- Clothes (optional)

Failure to comply with these instructions will result in greater humiliation and embarrassment.
Thank you for your cooperation,
The B.C.P.

best email ever to recieve in your inbox?

I believe so.


this right here.

this is the photo station I want.



croquet at weddings rock.

those boys outfits (and hats. mostly the hats) rule.

and check out that awesome necklace!


dude, we could get married at Pemberley! 

(or at least the house used for Pemberley in the televisions mini-series. it is Lyme Park in real life.)



all that would be missing?

why hello there.

22 Feb 2010


I have a dream.

it's having a whole bunch of utterly mis-matched dishware at our wedding.

it looks so freakin' cool.
[I haven't used that phrase in about 6 years. I now remember why.]

but the logistics are tricky. not so much the collecting enough plates, as the difficulty of shipping them state-side if we find/buy them here in the UK. or the not being in the states long enough over various holidays to find enough (rule numero uno: they must be cheap, which limits the possibilities a bit). this is a hurdle ben and I are finding for a few of the DIY stuffs.

maybe I can just raid a whole bunch of family's, friend's and neighbours's kitchen cabinets....


who knew a buffet table could be so damn romantic?


my parents were kind enough to take a couple days last week and travel up to NH and scope out some possible venues for the wedding for Ben and I, as we are stuck on the other side of the pond for the time being.

they got back late thurs night with the news that 8 october pretty much will not work.
it falls on columbus day weekend in 2011.

half the places they checked out (inns) won't even book weddings that weekend, as it is the prime leaf peeping weekend and I guess they have repeat customers that come and stay with them every year.
that and the fact that it is also the weekend of the fryeburg fair (huge wonderfully hick [we're talking barefoot men in overalls and just overalls driving beat up pick-up trucks with a fully stocked shotgun rack on the back] country fair with sheep judging and tractor pulls just over the border in maine). so, that pretty much put the kibash on that one right there.

unless we want to get married on a tractor.

which we are not ruling out at this point.

so now we are trying to figure out whether to go a bit earlier or later than that weekened in the autumn, or to move it to late august.

thank goodness we gave ourselves plenty of time to figure this all out, or we'd be screwed.


19 Feb 2010

why, oh why did october 8th 2011 have to be columbus day weekend....

11 Feb 2010

finally getting photos up of our second string of popples (aka pom poms, aka felt spheres)

not the best pictures, they look much better in real life, but there ya go.

also, since they are strung up on lights, they look wicked cool at night when they are lit up.
So here is a trial run of some paper crane table pieces at about half scale. I think it looks good so far, although it needs some kind of blue or green object in the center to really set off the fall coloured cranes...let's see what we can come up with for the full size model.

at work

the original inspiration

the finished product
(though it may be sans florist foam, not sure when these pictures were taken)
does she love you?

"If she hides your shoes when you’re late for work, and from a supine position on the couch plays “Hot/Cold,” and, finally, after 15 minutes of you ignoring her screaming, “Boiling! Burning up!” every time you stalk angrily by the dishwasher, gets up, flips it open to reveal the shoes, sitting there among the plates, and hands them over with a kiss and a giggle, and then laughs some more as you tie your laces in a silent rage: She loves you.

If she calls you at work that day to ask, “How are those shoes working out?”: She loves you.

If when you get home you try to hide something of hers, she finds it immediately, shaking her head, and when she pulls whatever it is—oven mitts or stretch pants—from behind the couch, she looks at you and without any attempt to hide her pity, says, “I love you”: She loves you. 

 If she’s a zombie: She loves you, but only for your brains."

does he love you?

"If you have to set two alarms at night, one for the morning wake-up and one that marks the hour that the two of you absolutely have to stop talking and let each other sleep—he loves you.

If he fights a duel for your honor and wins—he loves you.

If he fights a duel for your honor and loses—hmm… What’s the other guy’s deal?

If when you die he dedicates two decades, his entire empirical fortune, and the muscle-power of over 1000 elephants to a construct an awe-inspiring mausoleum of pure white marble on the banks of an Indian river—he loves you. If 350 years later his descendents are actually able to keep the bathrooms clean, the German tourists will love you, too."

these are just excerpts, do yourself a favour and go read the whole things.

my time was spilt between laughing so hard my newly purchased sparkling water came dangerously close to squirting out my nose on more than one occasion, and nodding and thinking "yup, that sounds about right".

or this party

"this weekend is sdbride and a.h.'s bachelor-bachelorette party. we are so excited to join them at their "picnic to pub" party. get ready kids...we're sure this will be a weekend to remember."

I want need this party. 

[via + via]

I was flipping through this website this morning, trying to find more images of a wedding I had come across on another blog that took place near-by where I grew up, and stumbled upon a wedding that my soon-to-be sister-in-law was a bridesmaid in back over the summer.

it's always kinda funny to come across something familiar (had checked out the photos of the wedding on facebook quite a few months ago) submersed in something so anonymous.

and I really really like the way they displayed their cupcakes.

10 Feb 2010

I would be very happy if Ben and I could find a tree similar to this to get married under.

Ben and I don't know exactly what we want our invitations to look like, but we do know we want to be able to blow one up to poster size so we can frame it after the wedding.

Thus, they must rock.

the challenge: drink the amount of wine it would take to create this stained cork heart.

I think it's one I'm willing to take up.


my friend Andrea is a genius. I was talking with her yesterday about the wicked cool felt pom poms Ben and I had fashioned a couple of weeks ago, and she referred to them as popples.


so from now on:


this one ain't bad either.

though also in the waaaaaaay beyond what bethany is willing to spend on a dress range.

j. crew, you're killing me.

from now on, make your wicked awesome dresses just as affordable as your classy simple dresses.


cool, thanks, bye!



pretty much.

(trying out this new blogger post editor, so if things look a bit skewey and more clunky than normal, that's why)
(also, they seem to have gotten rid of the spell check. which may be a problem...)

another polka dot dress to hunt down.

also j crew.

also not currently stocked.

also probably going to cost way more than I would be willing to spend.

but going to play detective anyways and find out what it's called.

maybe I can find it on ebay or second hand somewhere.

either way I will kill some productive time at work, so that's good.

only took 30 minutes, not bad not bad. I am getting better at finding the names of obscure dresses via google.

it is called the "dominique" dress.

and yes, it costs a LOT.







9 Feb 2010

(granted, this does look way cooler on a white page background)



oh man, if only Ben and I were getting married in Scotland (or had the funds to fly this amazing photography couple to New Hampshire)


three photos cannot do their genius justice, check out the rest of their work + portfolio here

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