23 Jul 2010

how could you not love a door in the middle of a field?
huge wedding parties have been calling to me lately.
both the sneakers and the graphics.

the only card box I have seen thus far that doesn't make me shudder.

I am fond of alliteration.

a few details from a recent wedding that I found rather neat.


21 Jul 2010

what? did you think L stood for love?

oh,  goodness no.



this right here is awesome.

and it's even cooler cause the girl recieving the dress is an old co-worker of mine.

absolutely love seeing people helping other people out.
take that evil bridal boutiques and your $1,800 dresses!!

from a practical wedding:

Oh my god you guys. See these pictures? SEE THESE PICTURES?
This is a sisterhood of the traveling dress dress handoff. Rachel, with the short brown hair, she of the crazy joy filled dance off wedding, is passing off the dress to Jenn, who’s wearing it next. AND team practical member Sarah joined up with them for drinks AND Rachel and Jenn are taking a road trip to Philly to meet Liz…. who’s giving Jenn her chair covers, to cover up ugly venue chairs.
And if that’s not enough… when Rachel took her dress into be cleaned, the cleaner found out that she was giving it to another bride and insisted on giving the ladies 50%.
See that? How the giving makes giving and makes giving? See that thing that you guys do? So on Friday, inspired by The Sisterhood, I’ll be giving a little more info on suggested Team Practical meetups…. everywhere…. for September. Because when readers of this blog meet, friendships form. And how great is that?
Doesn’t this make you feel a little like, “You get a car! You get a car! You get a car”? Because it does me. I’m all teary right now.



spoke to my mom last night.

she's been collecting jars and vases and such for flowers.

awww yeah.


20 Jul 2010

(one of the strips I identify the most with)

how the hell had we not come up with the idea of incorporating calvin and hobbes into our wedding somehow yet??

ben and I both adore calvin and hobbes.
to the point of slight obsession.
we can both quote comic strip after comic strip on end, and have on numerous occasions made obscure references to said comic strips as cheeky inside jokes.

thank god I came across this post today.

this grievous error can now be properly rectified.

[all credit to the wonderful bill watterson]

I remember coming across this before, and maybe even saving the images for future reference.
but I don't think I ever blogged it.
I started to go through my archives to check, but it was taking too long.
what can I say. I am impatient. (one nice thing I like about tumblr, how they do their archives.)

but I came across it again today while reading through a new blog I discovered (whileIwassupposedtobeworking), and this time was determined to get it up here on the blog.

the idea of said project is as follows:

“This bold time line serves as a three-dimensional reminder of when you first met your guests. Play it during cocktail hour.
Play It
During cocktail hour, each guest sticks a flag into the year she met either the bride or groom.

Make It
Save our clip art on a disk. Have it printed on oversize paper and mounted to foam board at a print shop. Cut flags from origami or scrapbooking paper; punch two holes and thread a corsage pin through. Stick into a fabric-wrapped foam board on a tray. Pins, by Lomey, from michaelsfloralsupply.com.”

reasons I like this:

a. great ice-breaker. would get guests talking to each other. swapping stories on how they know everybody, how they met ben and me, etc.
b.traditional guest books are boring. we like things we can hang on our walls.
c. the graphics are really neat looking. we also like graphics.
d. would allows me to buy lots and lots of pretty paper to make the flag pins. we I really like pretty paper.


well now.

this is actually rather neat.


while I think this engagement photo-session is quite the adorable one (with fabulous scenery), that is not why I am posting it.

I am posting it simply to draw your attention to the fact that these photos were taken in summer.

in fact, the title of the post was "the glorious british summertime".

keeping that in mind, take a long hard look at the outfits they are wearing.

now you know why I was so completely and utterly surprised when I got sunburned over here the other month.


don't think ben and I will be doing programs, but really digging the 'making a sign out of books' idea.

maybe I can use it for something else...

I am almost certain books all over the world would vie (maybe in some sort of reality tv competition?) for the chance to spell out "cupcakes" with block letter stamps.


19 Jul 2010


yesterday ben and I spent a lazy day at a friend's flat, playing monopoly, eating nachos, drinking ginger beer (new love) and watching grease when this little gem of a reality show came on.

it's called don't tell the bride.

pretty much the premise is the producers of the show will give a couple £15,000 to plan their wedding, but with a catch.

only the groom is allowed to make any of the decisions. the bride is in the dark until she shows up on her wedding day.

obvious shenanigans ensue.

but it is definitely an amusing little hour of television.

especially when are are in the midst of planning your own wedding.

ben and I were talking about it on our way home, and we decided that (unlike the show) ben probably could plan our wedding better then I can.



bowties look good on men, but they look freakin adorable on little boys.


9 Jul 2010

so there are a  lot of the things I would like to do for our wedding (diy stuff like our own plates for the food or [cup]cakes, decorations, flowers, etc), but figured were too difficult to do when b+b and wedding venue are 3,000 miles away from each other.

but then I saw this wedding.

and it pretty much slapped my paltry excuses in the face.

the wedding location? wellfleet, cape cod.
location of the couple during the majority of the planning? london.

the similarities are deafening.

conclusion? no excuses.

now if you'll excuse me I need to go sew some bunting and collect 80 or so mis-matched plates.


so pretty.

so expensive.