28 Feb 2011

everything about the wedding is making me stabby lately.

we should have just f***ing eloped.


24 Feb 2011


this is so completely awesome.

and it would be even awesomer if those are complete strangers in the back that he managed to get to help him out.



14 Feb 2011


npr gets me.


I'm famous!

well, not really.

but I sent out an email to an oft-read blogger in my google reader asking for some guidance regarding dress and jewelry compatibility (as sense of the good fashion type is not something I ordinarily possess...) and lo and behold, it ended up on the interwebs!

hooray free fashion advice!

bonus: validation of my dress choice. 9 out of 10 people say it's pretty rockin'.



9 Feb 2011

how come groomsmen are the only ones who ever get the cool gifts like diy drink boxes, while girls get stuck with purses and perfume?

that's sexist, that is.

I am here to promote equal opportunity drinking.


4 Feb 2011

ooo, you know what else we need to find?

lawn darts!

the fact that they're highly dangerous (and I am pretty sure illegal) is irrelevant.
they'll complement the bocce, and that's all that matters.



3 Feb 2011


I have found another project to try.

check these babys out.

its yarn and glue, wrapped around a balloon.
like the paper mache you made in elementary school.

only soooo much cooler.

think I am going to try mine in colored yarn, to match the pom poms.

course, first I have to find a place I can make a huge mess...

[found via]

I was out and about checking out a possible room to rent last night, and in chatting over a couple of beers with the girls currently living in the apartment, I was trying to describe the wedding we are attempting to put together.

one girl said it sounded fun and quirky.

I think that is the best word I have heard to describe this whole affair: quirky.

kind of sums all the mis-matching and lack of organization up nicely, don't you think?


2 Feb 2011

in which wedding dress shopping takes a back burner to running around on frozen ponds in Boston Common


amy: [bethany's] the only person who I'd go out wedding dress shopping with, and end up hiking on a pond!
bethanycorrection: we went out hiking on a pond, and ended up wedding dress shopping.

priorities man, priorities.

and had a fantastic reuben at a pub by trinity chuch and introduced the family to boston public library.

mom now wants to know why our town library doesn't look like that.

oh...and the wedding dress.

yeah. I bought one.*


did I mention is has pockets?

it has pockets.

and didn't cost a month's salary.

bethany : 1
evil wedding dress industry : 0


*but without the blingy broach thingy at the shoulder, and in cotton, not shiny satin.