28 Jun 2011

hi there.

I swear I haven't abandoned you.

I've been busy.

there's been work.

we just discovered we're flying back to london a bit sooner than we thought we were.

and I'm lazy.
(mostly I'm lazy)

I'll be back soon.

for placation purposes:

[again, image by our photographer amy ritz]


24 Jun 2011

the kn*t is like a freakin ouija board.

I unsubscribed from that thing weeks ago but that sonofabitch just keeps coming back to my inbox....


22 Jun 2011

yesterday I found an old wedding to-do list under a forgotten pile of door submittals on my desk.
I didn't even think about it.
I crumpled up that bastard and threw him away.

and it felt incredibly good.

no more wedding planning ever again!

and I swear I will get back here to do some (actual) post-wedding writing/reflecting/what-not, but as I am still recovering from "damn, I'm not on vacation anymore"-itis, I can't quite focus.

here's a bit o' eye candy to tide you over:

[photo by our photographer Amy Ritz]


9 Jun 2011

I finally found a use for all those architecture textbooks!

they are excellent for weighing down things and flattening them.


6 Jun 2011

anatomy of a boston bachelorette

from this:

to this:

with a little bit of this in between:

I have the bestest of bestest friends.

that night was epic.

3 Jun 2011

amanda got me the most kickin' gift ever.

that's right.
that's a personalized hanger for my wedding dress.

and it's bright yellow.

I love it.

(excuse the ad hoc photos, only so much you can do with a point and shoot camera at work...)