27 Nov 2009


Ben and I have tons of these paint sample strips leftover from our hours long color scheme hunt.

And this idea is just way too cool.

We don't have a typewriter.
And I have no idea what I would type.

But I really want to do it.


I am really liking these polaroid collages. I love the look of polaroids in general (it is so sad they aren't being made anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love digital, but there's a certain something that is missing in digital photographs), and I especially like how the photographer juxtaposed many moments to create one very beautiful image.

More can be found here!


Seems like a neat idea for the couple who have attachments and hold significance to many different parts of the country/world. (read: Ben and I)

Course, ours would be in miles and not kilometers...




25 Nov 2009

Check out this RSVP.

I _________ promise Ali and
Evan that I won’t get too_________ and will be_________.


A skipping stone station!

What a perfect activity for guests if you are lucky enough to have a water-adjacent wedding.


Ben and I are obviously not quite there yet, but this was just too cute not to post.

A first year anniversary gift (this would be paper referencing the traditional gift giving customs): a heart composed out of each partners' thumbprints.

This appeals to the graphics fiend in me on so many levels.


Anybody who knows me knows I love manikins. Especially in awkward outfits and funny spontaneous poses.

But this was the first time I saw them featured in a wedding.

Gotta say, I'm diggin' it.

(plus they would give people things to play with at the tables! nobody can resist playing with a manikin. nobody.)


Nice fall flower arrangement, with some strategically placed gourds (not pumpkins, but close).

Plus, look! Bittersweet! My idea wasn't crazy!


24 Nov 2009




A post about the groom stylin' possibilities of Le Corbusier? How could I not link to it!


Liking a lot of the decorations from this wedding.
And bonus! Those are the oatmeal tins my mom and I (we) use! They rock a floral arrangement.

Claudia and Dani are of the opinion that this is the ideal way for Ben and I to go down the aisle.

I can pretty much guarantee you it would be much less graceful!


20 Nov 2009

[via + via]

Love many of the details from this wedding.

1. Seasonal beer! Yum!

2. The candy bar always seemed a bit too much to me (most of the adults we know are not much for sugary candy) but this smorgasbord of homemade goodies by family members and other guests just seems so personal and tasty. Plus, great way to involve people!

3. we all know how I feel about cupcakes. And those look delicious.


18 Nov 2009

Found them!
Where I got the idea to draw rather than excel table all our wedding expenses.
So much more fun.

[oh so much more here]
Not that I have had any of these experiences. In fact, thus far (which granted is not very far at all yet) everybody has been uber supportive of the wedding Ben and I want to have, not the wedding that anybody else wants us to have.

But this blog is just too funny not to share.

She makes me laugh out loud (at work. which arouses suspicion amongst co-workers as door architrave details are not generally funny) and feel grateful for our awesome group of family and friends all at the same time.

Sure, I know wedding planning will be stressful. But thank god never this stressful.
(particular post chosen as Ben and I are currently on the hunt for a venue and I was thanking my lucky stars no family member is likely to pull this particular conversation on us.)

Truer words have never been spoken (written).


This is the most wondrous thing I have ever laid eyes on.


So I picked up a set of these babies on my way home from work last night.
Large, red, square ruled, soft-binded Moleskines.
And there is actually more behind it than just feeding my Moleskine addiction! (seriously, I have a problem. there are 3 in my bag right now, and probably about another 6 to 8 on the shelves at home...and now add these three)

These will be our wedding notebooks/sketchbooks.

One will house all our thoughts and ideas, quick notes, drafts of things like invites and guest lists, all that jazz.

Another will be our visual receipt book. I saw this fantastic idea somewhere on some blog (though for the life of me I now cannot remember where). The bride and groom, instead of just saving all their receipts from purchases for their wedding (as that is boring, confusing and you are apt to lose them) they drew everything they bought into a book along with the date and price.
Love it.
Doing it.
It's how to make accounting fun! (possibly the only way to make accounting fun)

Couldn't come up with a use for the third notebook, so Ben has claimed it for our Myst/Riven/Exile notebook. We are going through all the games again and didn't have a good place to write everything down where we wouldn't lose it. But now we do!

Needless to say, I am pretty excited.
Everything is better with a brand new Moleskine.

17 Nov 2009


The stuff will entangle your trees and attempt to smoother all life from them so that it may reign supreme and be the only living thing in the forest, but damn, it sure is pretty.

And is fall colors.

And is pretty much damn near everywhere, and thus free (when stolen with a pair of shears).

So therefore definitely in contention for decorations.

I love this idea. Instead of the traditional ring bearer, just tie your partner's wedding ring round your wrist with a stellar piece of ribbon and carry it up/down/over the aisle yourself.

Also, if you are prone to losing things (horribly horribly guilty of this), you always know where it is!

One of the cutest proposal stories I've ever read.

In three parts:





Ingredients for a perfectly English wedding.....

A country house. Modest but beautiful and with an Austen worthy history. Perhaps used in the 1700s to control a pair of daughters who had been disgracing the family name with their antics in London society?

Unexpected weather. Sunshine in February, gales in July. It doesn't matter.

Wellies, of course. Hunters if one wants to do it properly. (And what could be more English than doing it properly?)

Gardens. It simply wouldn't work without beautiful gardens.

A sense that all was done with the greatest of ease. A sense that everything is done with the greatest of ease

Headwear. Spectacular headwear.

A groom who blushes when complimented and a bride who gives the most gracious and eloquent of speeches.

Guests that dance with joyous abandon but never, ever fall over.

Cheese. The stinkier the better. Real champagne.



I love phonetics!
(and olives)


12 Nov 2009

I had been thinking about self-catering to save money, but that is a huge undertaking and can be very stressful even if your friends and families are awesome (like ours are) and would be willing to help out.

So I like what this couple did. They hired a local caterer for just the main meal portion of the food, and did the smaller stuff like appetizers, sides and salads themselves. They kept it to simple things that could be thrown together quickly the morning of, or could be prepared the day before and stored. Kept the cost of the food way way down, and added in a personal touch to the day.

Plus, huge fan of the chalkboard menu and homey table spread!


11 Nov 2009

This is pretty freakin' awesome.

Make you own wedding band from a quarter!
That's right, a quarter.

Granted, it has to be pre-1964 (pure silver) and it may run you the massive amount of $3 from a coin-collector, but still...from a quarter!

Going to see how Ben feels about this. He's thinking he wants gold for his ring, but he is an insanely crafty person. Being able to make it himself may intrigue him.

update: got a solid "no" on the quarter wedding band idea. ahhh, well. I tried


Do-it-yourself vases for reception flowers or what not from use/recycled wine bottles!

Plus, it looks wicked easy to do. Full instructions here.


A wedding quilt, hum?

Not a bad idea. Not bad at all...

Read more about the meaning behind it and the crafting of it here.

This is a thought.

I kind of like this idea.

Takes a lot more planning though.

Anybody know any fantastic B+B's, camp complexes, retreat centres, etc in New England that might work?

Ooooo, a balloon garland!
Looks awesome at sunset.


10 Nov 2009


Should we have a B+B wedding at an actual B+B?

There would be B's everywhere!!

Going to do some research...

This is really really cool.
It's an advent calender for the days leading up to your wedding.
This one was made by for the bride by her bridesmaids, but I think it would rather neat for each to make one for their husband/wife-to-be!
This idea has been duly noted.


Willow branches
make awfully fun table decorations.
Those are autumn things, right?


Yet more proof that simple, gorgeous flowers are easy.

I am now 110% convinced that florists are moot points.

[via & via]

And if you needed any more proof that this girl rocks, I give you ninja cake toppers!


The newest blog I have been browsing through, I love this girl's style.

And many of her ideas mirror my own! Which is rather neat. Confirms I am not too far over the crazy line for not wanting a "traditional" wedding, per say.

For example, she and her fiance are ditching the standard catering and making all the food themselves. Saves tons of money and you can do wicked cool things like this.

This definitely reaffirms our goal to not spend tons of money on our wedding, but to just have fun with it.

Let them!


Love love love!