26 Oct 2009

Not sure how much wedding dress stuff I should post here, after all, this is technically Ben's blog as well, and he is not supposed to see whatever wedding dress I end up getting before the ceremony, but I think I am going to apply that to the large, "official" one in the States. For that one, Ben will not see my dress until whatever aisle walking happens.
However, the UK one we want to have will be much more casual, and I don't see myself hiding the dress at all. In fact, we will probably see each other a lot before whatever ceremony we have. So thus, the super cute short white dress!

Something like this is what I envision for the summer/uber-casual/UK thing.


  1. Hey! Just a heads up, I think we have a typewriter. I'll offer that up to Alicia, too. I think I saw that photo on her page, too. As for the moose, I'll work on it.

  2. schweet

    and yeah, I nicked that photo off her page

    moose Amy, if you get me anything for my wedding, I want a moose