7 Nov 2009

colour schemes

We've gotten ourselves the entire display stack of paint samples from the local homebase (which is about 2000 different colours by my guesstimate)in order to come up with a colour scheme for... something to do with our wedding. It might be flowers, decorations or perhaps dresses and what-have-you. Quite a big stack to spread around and play with. A little work with the scissors turned into a relatively manageable pile of coloured squares to play around with. The best part about all of this was getting to hold bethy down while I compared all of the blues against her eyes by force (she is a hawaiian blue #6). We've ended up with some nice autumn colors for the background-type-stuff and some bright blues for accent and some classy greens for dresses,etc. way to go us!

[images/captions by bethany]

Start! Samples and color sorting provisions: pear cider and japaneserice crackers.

"Woah...that's a LOT of colors..."

"Let's start with orange!" [guess who made THAT suggestion]

The oranges, yellows, reds and browns snipped and sorted. On to the blues and greens!

So many lovely greens...so hard to choose!

So we took a break to try and match our eye colors.
This is MUCH harder than it looks.

Ben is the top blue. I am the bottom blue.
Or at least that was the color of Ben's eyes at the moment. They change depending on his mood. Kinda like those rings everybody had in middle school. That's right, I am marrying a living mood ring. My 11 year old self would be so psyched.

The scheme!! The autumn colors in the background, with the greens and blues doing the heavy-lifting in the foreground.

The carnage afterwards...

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