17 Nov 2009

Ingredients for a perfectly English wedding.....

A country house. Modest but beautiful and with an Austen worthy history. Perhaps used in the 1700s to control a pair of daughters who had been disgracing the family name with their antics in London society?

Unexpected weather. Sunshine in February, gales in July. It doesn't matter.

Wellies, of course. Hunters if one wants to do it properly. (And what could be more English than doing it properly?)

Gardens. It simply wouldn't work without beautiful gardens.

A sense that all was done with the greatest of ease. A sense that everything is done with the greatest of ease

Headwear. Spectacular headwear.

A groom who blushes when complimented and a bride who gives the most gracious and eloquent of speeches.

Guests that dance with joyous abandon but never, ever fall over.

Cheese. The stinkier the better. Real champagne.



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