18 Nov 2009

So I picked up a set of these babies on my way home from work last night.
Large, red, square ruled, soft-binded Moleskines.
And there is actually more behind it than just feeding my Moleskine addiction! (seriously, I have a problem. there are 3 in my bag right now, and probably about another 6 to 8 on the shelves at home...and now add these three)

These will be our wedding notebooks/sketchbooks.

One will house all our thoughts and ideas, quick notes, drafts of things like invites and guest lists, all that jazz.

Another will be our visual receipt book. I saw this fantastic idea somewhere on some blog (though for the life of me I now cannot remember where). The bride and groom, instead of just saving all their receipts from purchases for their wedding (as that is boring, confusing and you are apt to lose them) they drew everything they bought into a book along with the date and price.
Love it.
Doing it.
It's how to make accounting fun! (possibly the only way to make accounting fun)

Couldn't come up with a use for the third notebook, so Ben has claimed it for our Myst/Riven/Exile notebook. We are going through all the games again and didn't have a good place to write everything down where we wouldn't lose it. But now we do!

Needless to say, I am pretty excited.
Everything is better with a brand new Moleskine.

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