13 Jan 2010

new goal: find a wedding dress with pockets. I am obsessed with dresses with pockets. a girl's gotta have a place for her chapstick, after all.

and I'd actually be cool with this one, looks wicked comfy and simple has always been my thing.
(plus the post where I found this was put up on my birthday. I think it's a sign)

I know it's j.crew from the original blog post where I found it, but the post was from a couple years ago I believe and it was not mentioned what the name of the dress is, or I'd be on eBay as we speak trying to hunt one down.

maybe I'll do a google search for j.crew wedding dress and pockets...should get some interesting results, at any rate.

update: it is called the "Lucinda" dress. the search is on.

update part two: holyfreakincowisthatanexpensivesimpledress! well, the pocket argument still stands, anyways.


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