22 Feb 2010


I have a dream.

it's having a whole bunch of utterly mis-matched dishware at our wedding.

it looks so freakin' cool.
[I haven't used that phrase in about 6 years. I now remember why.]

but the logistics are tricky. not so much the collecting enough plates, as the difficulty of shipping them state-side if we find/buy them here in the UK. or the not being in the states long enough over various holidays to find enough (rule numero uno: they must be cheap, which limits the possibilities a bit). this is a hurdle ben and I are finding for a few of the DIY stuffs.

maybe I can just raid a whole bunch of family's, friend's and neighbours's kitchen cabinets....


  1. thanks!
    we would really love to be able to pull it off.

    let the heavy borrowing ensue!