22 Feb 2010

my parents were kind enough to take a couple days last week and travel up to NH and scope out some possible venues for the wedding for Ben and I, as we are stuck on the other side of the pond for the time being.

they got back late thurs night with the news that 8 october pretty much will not work.
it falls on columbus day weekend in 2011.

half the places they checked out (inns) won't even book weddings that weekend, as it is the prime leaf peeping weekend and I guess they have repeat customers that come and stay with them every year.
that and the fact that it is also the weekend of the fryeburg fair (huge wonderfully hick [we're talking barefoot men in overalls and just overalls driving beat up pick-up trucks with a fully stocked shotgun rack on the back] country fair with sheep judging and tractor pulls just over the border in maine). so, that pretty much put the kibash on that one right there.

unless we want to get married on a tractor.

which we are not ruling out at this point.

so now we are trying to figure out whether to go a bit earlier or later than that weekened in the autumn, or to move it to late august.

thank goodness we gave ourselves plenty of time to figure this all out, or we'd be screwed.

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