8 Feb 2010

from theblushingbride:

By now, I think most of us brides-to-be are familiar with the photobooth setup idea for weddings. Some people choose to rent an actual photobooth, where others take a more DIY approach and set up their own. In addition, more and more photographers are offering the option to set up a photobooth for their clients.

I’m crazy over the idea for a DIY photobooth. I’d been looking for a photographer who offered the service, however since my brother and I are both into photography (and thus, have all the equipment we’d need) I’m going to take the DIY route. The benefit to DIY is that the photos are all ours for free, and we’ll have them right away.

To make things fun, some couples like to supply a “bucket o’props” by their photo booth for the guests to get creative with. I plan to have a basket with a few props as well. Here are some ideas I’ve come across (or come up with) that I plan to use:

Ben and I also really like the DIY photo-booth idea, and I am loving some of Alicia's props!!

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