20 May 2010

been absent lately.
switched jobs.
trying to make a good impression on the new boss by not being on blogger constantly...

but am on lunch break!

will finally put up photos of the wedding location we chose!

it will be at Stonehurst Manor, in North Conway, NH on the 10th of september, 2011.

otherwise known as 9/10/11 (in american date speak).
my dad says we should get married at noon, just to keep the pattern going.

anywho, photos.
the photos are from the manor's website, and are not the bestest (nor are there a lot), but all I could find for the moment.

Summer in the White Mountains at the Stonehurst Manor, a boutique hotel just north of North Conway Village, New Hampshire

so that's that sorted.

and with a year and a half ahead of us, it's back to the procrastination we so excel at.


  1. I'm glad you got a place! Amy said your mom wouldn't let you leave the country until you got one, haha. Now the hard part is over!

  2. yeah, there was definitely a veiled threat made...but we survived unscathed!

    now on to the fun stuff, like what colour poofballs I am going to sew :)