22 Jun 2010


or something like this dress.

can't decide between long or short?
check it.

phase one: long flowy dress for the ceremony. whimsical, romantic, get to do fun twirly spins and make the skirt poof out.

phase two: remove the full skirt to reveal the short dress for the par-tay! classic, sassy, get to show off your inevitably fabulous shoes.


and the best part?
(are you ready for your collective minds to be blown?)


pockets, people!

everything is better with pockets.
people would be happier if they all had pockets.
wars would cease if everybody had pockets.

I am a genius.

everybody has pockets = world peace

(and an end to world hunger, as everybody would be feeling so good about their pockets they would all dig into them to help out those less fortunate than them.)

I have found the solution.

fashion designers, get on it.


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