22 Jun 2010

I still really like the idea of these sort of   "couple's story"  type of things.

for fun, some possible examples from our own hypothetical one:

how they met: Ben and Bethany lived in the same dorm freshman year of college. Bethany thought Ben was cute. Ben thought Bethany was cute. Everybody else thought Ben was gay. (curse of the well dressed man)

first date: Ben asked Bethany to go see the first Harry Potter film. Bethany didn't know Ben was actually asking her out on a date until they had been together for about 3 months. (curse of the oblivious girl) 

proposal: Ben proposed on April fool's Day. Bethany had to make sure Ben wasn't actually joking before saying yes.

oh goodness...I swear we are not as dysfunctional in real life as we are on paper...

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  1. I feel like there needs to be a mention of a paper towel tube in the "How They Met" story ;-)

  2. you know, I think there may need to be!