4 Jun 2010

wedding experiment this weekend!

with a friend who's getting married this august, we're trying our hands at crafting some flower bouquets.

figured it shouldn't be too hard, but a test run is still in order.

at any rate, it's an excuse to sit down with pretty flowers, florist wire, tape and ribbons, a cheesy bridal movie and (most importantly) a bottle of wine.

or a couple bottles of cider.

or maybe I can whip up some pimms...

(can you tell my task for this shindig is the beverage selection?)

but progress and finished product photos will be posted! as well as a review of how easy it actually is to make your own bouquet.

and just like that this blog became educational and practical.



  1. Bethany! I stumbled across your blog several months ago, and love checking in now & then to see what awesome & crazy wedding ideas you have found. I think having eleventy zillion cool little details already worked out saves you from the realm of procrastination.

  2. thanks Amy!

    in reality, there is no saving us from the realm of procrastination. it's what we truley excel at.

    but this definitely helps.