20 Jul 2010

I remember coming across this before, and maybe even saving the images for future reference.
but I don't think I ever blogged it.
I started to go through my archives to check, but it was taking too long.
what can I say. I am impatient. (one nice thing I like about tumblr, how they do their archives.)

but I came across it again today while reading through a new blog I discovered (whileIwassupposedtobeworking), and this time was determined to get it up here on the blog.

the idea of said project is as follows:

“This bold time line serves as a three-dimensional reminder of when you first met your guests. Play it during cocktail hour.
Play It
During cocktail hour, each guest sticks a flag into the year she met either the bride or groom.

Make It
Save our clip art on a disk. Have it printed on oversize paper and mounted to foam board at a print shop. Cut flags from origami or scrapbooking paper; punch two holes and thread a corsage pin through. Stick into a fabric-wrapped foam board on a tray. Pins, by Lomey, from michaelsfloralsupply.com.”

reasons I like this:

a. great ice-breaker. would get guests talking to each other. swapping stories on how they know everybody, how they met ben and me, etc.
b.traditional guest books are boring. we like things we can hang on our walls.
c. the graphics are really neat looking. we also like graphics.
d. would allows me to buy lots and lots of pretty paper to make the flag pins. we I really like pretty paper.


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