5 Aug 2010

during the research and planning of this wedding, I have often been reminded of the unequal treatment and altered approach to marriage given to same-sex couples as opposed to heterosexual couples.

and as the boy and I hail from new hampshire and connecticut respectively, where same-sex marriage is legal, this fact has always deeply saddened me. for america has always been about equality, no?

we are friends with quite the large number of gay and lesbian friends, and I have never seen any reason why, if they are lucky enough to find someone whom they love are want to commit to for the rest of their lives, they should be denied the legal benefits of marriage simply because they are two men or two women. I know plenty of same-sex couples who are far more balanced and functional than your standard heterosexual relationship.

which is why I was so happy to turn on my computer this morning to this.

now, california has not had an easy road to this decision, as most are probably aware. but I am so excited to see (what I perceive as) justice prevail here.

proposition 8 was discrimination, and had no place in today's modern american society.

so good on you california!

and let's hope other states start to move in the same direction!


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