3 Sep 2010

now that ben and I are back stateside for a bit, and conveniently up in conway visiting his family, we decided to go re-visit our venue, as we were having trouble remembering what it looked like.

we didn't go inside (they might figure out we weren't staying there then, just wandering around taking a million photographs like crazy people), but got some good shots of the exterior and started building some ideas on how this whole ceremony thing might go down.

also, was nice to see how it will look in september, instead of february or april.
upshot, no snow on the ground in september!

view of the outdoor ceremony site from the entrance to the inn.
another view. note the awesome giant chess board.
ceremony location direction #1.
ceremony location direction #2. (part a)
ceremony location direction #2. (part b)
what happens to your chess pieces when you play me. they get knocked down!

so if it is sunny, it will be quite nice.

let's just hope it's not this hot...

guests will be fainting from heat stroke right and left.


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