22 Dec 2010

wedding blog? what wedding blog?
kinda fell off the face of the earth there for a bit.

international moves.
desperate job searches.
more moves (though only of the interstate kind this time).
starting new (desperately searched for) job.
christmas shopping.
attempting to see finace more than once every two weeks (because of desperately searched for job).
christmas shopping (sponsored by paycheck from said desperately searched for job).
christmas shopping.
swearing at the weather for not snowing.
christmas shopping.
wrapping all the damn christmas shopping.

you get the idea

and a couple of things have changed during my unintentional hiatus.
first and foremost, the date of the wedding has been moved up.
nothing shotgun driven, fear not, but rather visa driven.
as I will be returning to london on a student visa instead of a work visa (and the new government is making things freakin difficult) it's just a hell of a lot easier to get ben over there too if we're honest to goodness hitched. no time to do all the paperwork if we kept the wedding in september.

so...new date!

11 June 2011.

same place.
same everything else.

just bumped up 3 months.
which goes ever so well with our procrastinating ways.

and that's actually the only thing that has changed.

thus, ta da! consider yourselves up to date!


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