2 Feb 2011

in which wedding dress shopping takes a back burner to running around on frozen ponds in Boston Common


amy: [bethany's] the only person who I'd go out wedding dress shopping with, and end up hiking on a pond!
bethanycorrection: we went out hiking on a pond, and ended up wedding dress shopping.

priorities man, priorities.

and had a fantastic reuben at a pub by trinity chuch and introduced the family to boston public library.

mom now wants to know why our town library doesn't look like that.

oh...and the wedding dress.

yeah. I bought one.*


did I mention is has pockets?

it has pockets.

and didn't cost a month's salary.

bethany : 1
evil wedding dress industry : 0


*but without the blingy broach thingy at the shoulder, and in cotton, not shiny satin.

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