1 Apr 2011

happy april fool's day!

also known as two years to the day that ben asked bethany to marry him.
or, more accurately, the day he said he wanted to spend the rest of his life loving bethany.

ben never actually asked bethany to marry him. [and thus bethany does not consider this whole thing to be contractually binding. least not yet.]

was talking with ben on the phone last night and we were reminiscing about the proposal, ben's initial plans thwarted by his lack of knowledge pertaining to the hours of london's parks and various other things.
apparently he was wicked nervous I was going to say no.
which I think is just silly, but then again I am not a dude about to propose.

the conversation then moved onto our planning process [or lack there-of], all the things we would have done differently, the stress, the frustrations, etc etc etc.

and then he said if he could go back in time two years, knowing everything he knows now, he wouldn't do a thing differently.
he'd still ask me to marry him.
even with the knowledge of how messed up things were about to get.

now that's love.

and pretty much sums up why I am looking forward to wiling away all my days with ben.
he's a stubborn fool, but a damn lovable one.

and he's my lovable stubborn fool.


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