14 Apr 2011

a couple of weeks ago I was sitting in a local community center waiting to see if somebody there could help me with my taxes (they were running a free clinic. and they couldn't. damn foreign income threw a wrench in it) and I saw a poster for a walk for hunger sponsored by Project Bread, a massachusetts-based anti-poverty organization.

and I thought "hmmmm, I should do that."

and then forgot about it.

and then I saw a sign on the side of a bus and started to think about it again.

so I signed up and started a team!
the walk is on the 30th of april here in boston, and all proceeds go to over 400 emergency food organizations that Project Bread is partnered with.

tis a good cause.

so if you would like to donate, or even better, if you would like to join the team and walk all or part of the 20 miles round beautiful down-town boston, follow the link to our team homepage!

every little bit helps!


bethany (and teammates)


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