30 May 2011

things learned this weekend in the land of wedding logistics:

-you don't get to sign the marriage license at your wedding like we had hoped. you have to sign it when you get it.
-even in a tiny northern nh town early on a saturday morning, you will have to wait about half an hour to get the license (kinda maybe sorta making you late to meet with your officiant....)
-a lot more goes into a marriage ceremony than we had any inkling of.
-apparently "vows" and "I do's" are not the same thing. (ben says knew this, but I had no idea.)
-it's a small world. our officiant's wife is from the town in georgia my dad's lab is relocating to later on this year.

things learned this weekend completely unrelated to the wedding:

-mosquitos are bastards, every single little one of them. and I have the multiple bug bites to prove it.
-I can apparently get sunburned while sitting in the living room. I mean, I knew I was pale, but this just brings it to a whole new level.


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