11 May 2011

speaking of to-do lists (see post below), there's a slight chance that if I post ours and publish it to the world (or, more accurately, the two people who read this. hi mom!), the things on it might actually get done...

things we still need to get/buy/steal/rent
-fabric: some for the photobooth backdrop and some to toss over a table with drinks on it in-between the ceremony and dinner
-beverage holders for said drinks (possibly from venue?)
-speakers for the music
-shoes (I swear, I'll eventually find some)
-wedding bands
-a few things I am probably forgetting

things we still need to do/finish up/start (we're not that unorganized....)
-finish making yarn pom poms
-finalize music playlists
-meet with the justice of the peace (but that's scheduled! so it's like it's practically done)
-compile our lawn games/make signs for them
-a few things I am probably forgetting

totally doable.


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