16 Jun 2010

weather permitting, we will have our ceremony outside. our venue has a kick-ass view of the mountains of northern new hampshire.

however, our venue does not have a very nice looking trellis/arbor/thingy.
it is your standard one.
and in my overly picky and judgemental mind, utterly blah and cliche.

you can kinda see it in these photos. (second down on the right, in the gridded photos at the bottom). it is very small (the photo, not the arbor).

but if we could get married under something like this, all of a sudden an arbor isn't seeming so bad.

however, Ben's working on something.

suffice to say, it involves the colour red.

and is not an arbor.

I will let him reveal it in his own time and way.

but it's pretty cool.



found some images my mom took when she and my dad went up to visit the manor the first time round.
gives you an idea as to the setting/view. (these were taken in february.  our view in early september will be greener and with no snow.)

the arbor is not quite as bad as I remember it.

however, it still needs work.

and yes.
that is a gaint chess board.

oh, that will be happening.

[photo credits: my wonderful mother]


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