18 Aug 2010

changes of thought

so on a whim I sat down and started scrolling through the archives of this blog and I realized something.

my approach and thinking of this whole wedding thing back then was nothing like my approach and thinking now.

mostly because we didn't start planning said wedding right after we got engaged (for various reasons: the distance, we're lazy, I'm neurotic, you know. all the standard ones) and so there had yet to be a reason for me to really really think about weddings, what we wanted ours to be and what the whole thing really means to us.

which just happens to be the point I am at now.

my thinking and approach to planning our wedding has changed, and so this blog is going to change a bit too.
(look! the posts now have titles!)

there will be less cutesy "oh, this is neat!" and "inspiration" photos (the majority of the blog's previous form) and more formidable (formidable? ahh screw it, can't think of a better word) stuff.
more discussions on the things that we are attempting to figure out, how we want to adapt things to make them our own and our overall vision for this shin-dig. (these types visions do not include colour schemes, btw.)

there might even be a few good old-fashioned rants thrown in there for good measure.

I have even updated my google reader to this new approach. blogs that only show photo shoots, engagement sessions and indie-hipster weddings only obtainable with waaaay more budget than ben and I have?


(well, mostly. left one or two good ones in. can't take away all of mama's eye candy.)

blogs where people actually discuss the issues they have/had while planning their weddings, many of which mirror our own, and how they dealt with them?


the goal is to have this blog be a place where all the things I/we am/are thinking over can be sorting out. we attempted doing this in one of our many moleskins, but that halted real quick. like I said, we're kinda lazy.

and a blog I can update  when I am supposed to be working  on my lunch break!

things are about to get a whole lot more cynical up in here.

(and I promise, despite that last sentence, not more r&b [up in here]. skinny white chick from the middle of connecticut? that attempt would be an utter failure...yo)


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