18 Aug 2010

and on a slightly lighter note

these are pure genius.

have you ever wondered why wedding gown models always have the most awkward poses and facial expressions?

this girl sheds some light on the topic.
by adding in the missing photo captions.
like I said, pure genius.
(btw, her blog is what I want mine to be. I am pretty sure she trans-continentally read my mind on almost every topic. I think I may have found my wedding soul mate)

  (bridesmaids version)

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  1. LOL LOL LOL LOL! I've always laughed my butt off at their poses. They go from ridiculous to sublime and everything from the drowned cat look to the gothic possessed by a devil look. I've seen really BAD hair and even ones that look like she's so mad at the groom that the wedding night will never happen. They are great for laughs. Thanks for sharing. :D

  2. I practically fell off my chair when I saw these.

    they could not NOT be shared.