6 Jan 2011

can we talk about something?

I can understand the point of engagement photos (even if I don't want to go anywhere near a camera until I absolutely have to). commemorate the proposal. get some good photos of yourselves if you don't have any. practice in front of a camera for your wedding day. etc etc etc.

but anybody else think it's getting a little weird and creepy?

these engagement photos, for example.

yes yes. alice in wonderland themed. I get it.

but aren't you supposed to be happy in engagement pictures?
do these people look happy to be getting married?
no they do not.

they look like they are contemplating eating the bunny rabbit.

these two?
nary a smile to be seen.

and I'm not even going to begin to pretend I understand this weird obsession with detail shots of people holding props. (see creepy bunny shoot for further examples)


and while we're in "things bethany's not on board with" mode, referring to bridemaids as "my maids" puts me on edge.

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  1. If those people think these photos are in the realm of things that embody "love" then they are made for eachother and I am eternally grateful they are not my other half.