7 Jan 2011

I was looking at the wedding website ben set up again, contemplating the pure poetry of the prose, when I noticed a little number on the page.

156 days to go.

"well that can't be right", I thought to myself. "156 days is so long! the computer must be calculating it wrong."

so I called ben, telling him that the day countdown feature was malfunctioning.

no, he informed me. that number was correct. we did indeed have 156 days to go until our wedding.

"well hell!" I thought. "that's plenty of time! what on earth are we worried about?!"

this proclimation may come back to bite me on the ass in say, oh, four or five months time.


1 comment:

  1. 22.3 weeks to go
    5.5 months.

    That's less than half a year...

    And one month out is not enough time to plan ... anything. Not even a 30th birthday party.

    This snap back to reality brought to you by the definition of the word "actuality" as found on thesaurus.com

    Main Entry: actuality
    Part of Speech: noun
    Definition: something that truly exists, is real
    Synonyms: achievement, actualization, attainment, brass tacks, fact, materiality, materialization, real world, reality, straight stuff, substance, substantiality, truth, what it is