7 Jan 2011


not only are these photos pretty freakin spectacular (if we had excess funds, we'd blow them on hiring these guys [ignoring the fact that they just had twin baby girls and there's no way they'd be hopping on a plane from scotland anytime soon...]), but the wedding they photographed is my idea of a good time.

to quote lillian + leonard:
This summer Mel and Rich got married in Manchester, Rich's home town. While Mel got beautified in an amazing room at Great John Street Hotel, Rich readied himself in an apartment in the city centre. They met, along with their friends and families, for a quick pint at a pub in town before everyone walked through an unusually sunny Manchester to the ceremony venue.

After the ceremony everyone headed back to Great John Street for a party on the roof, overlooking the set of Coronation Street! GJS used to be a school and the bar on the roof was appropriately called The Playground, perfect for Mel and Rich's playful, relaxed day.

they went to a pub before they ceremony.

we have a brewery right across the street.

just sayin.

[and cue the eye candy]


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