7 Mar 2011

so ben and I did the standard wedding registry thing on saturday.

went to crate and barrel, always liked their stuff, it's quality without being overly expensive.

it was surprisingly fun.
(most likely partly due to the laser gun we got to shoot at stuff...)

had a good time running around the store, picking out things that on no plane of existence match or go together (mostly my form of decorating, ben is more put together) and then getting lunch. (registering makes you hungry!)
[and ben surprised me with a balloon from the bunch they keep at the door for kids at the restaurant. a teal one. he's the bestest fiance ever.]

the women who was helping us at c+b was telling us about this contest you can enter by creating a registry, for a $100,000 "dream wedding". and we figured, what the hell, why not? we just had to log into our registry online and fill out the form.
we had to go online anyways, cause we realized we accidentally registered for like 5 pitchers/carfares. so I logged in at lunch today to remove a few (though I ended up adding a couple different ones afterwards, so not sure the ultimate goal was achieved here).
while I was there I clicked on the "enter now!" button for the contest.

this is what I saw:

not cool crate + barrel.


so I went back and perused that whole damn website [website has more stuff listed than the store did] and added things that we hadn't initially thought of or similar, thinking "now we'll be eligible!"



maybe when we figure out which knives we want and add those.
but prolly not even then.
as we still need a thousand dollars more in merchandise.
as we sure as hell are not registering for a thousand dollars worth of knives.

color me disillusioned.

I like crate + barrel.
and the stuff we registered for is wicked cool.
but $2,000 is a lot of money for a minimum requirement for a contest.

we will be adding stuff as we go along.
they have some events for couples when they bring in new stock.
I believe some sort of food is provided.
(which means we'll go to at least one, as free food = bethany attends)
and it's really fun to point and shoot laser guns at bowls and teapots.

but don't think we'll be doing any more crate and barrel contests.

who wants to spend $100,000 on a wedding anyways?
[I asked. we couldn't use it to pay for grad school or a house. or a boat. or to travel the world. or to feed about 8 starving african nations.  kill joys.]


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