8 Mar 2011

hi guys.
remember how I bought this wedding dress?


I changed my mind.

[as I am wont to do.]

I had tried on two dresses at the shop that I couldn't decide between.
my mom, sister and best friend came up to boston to help me pick one.

I ended up buying the first one I posted. but almost immeditaly afterwards started wondering if I had bought the wrong one.
I chalked it up to the second-guessing that usually hits you after a big (both financailly and emotionally) purchase.

but the feeling didn't go away.
in fact, I started to get it more and more often.

cause the thing is, while I really do like the boatneck one, the strapless one was my first instinct.
even from just looking at the website.
and while if I hadn't been able to switch dresses I would have been quite happy with it, I kept thinking it didn't fit my personality as much. wasn't as "me".

my main argument against the strapless dress was that everybody has strapless wedding dresses now-a-days, and I wanted to be different.
to "not conform".
which, when you think about it, is a rather silly sentiment.
(ok, really silly...)

thus the eleventh hour email to the shop.

"ummmm hi. yeah. so I bought that dress? but now I want a different dress? can I just like, switch them mid-production? mkthnxbye."

to aria's complete and utter credit (as well as earning them my everlasting love and respect), they didn't even flinch. the girl at the shop phoned LA (where the company has its headquarters and where they make all the dresses), inquired as to the status of my dress, found out that it was due to be cut for sewing that afternoon, put a halt to it and sent them my new order. (I kept the fabric and skirt type, which is prolly the main reason this was able to go down without a hitch.)

talk about under the wire.

there was no judgement, no "are you kidding me?", no "let me see what I can do" and then not hearing from them for weeks and (to my immense relief) no extra cost.

I love that shop.
couldn't recommend it enough.
wicked awesome people.

so, yeah!
new dress!
ta da!


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  1. gorgeous!! I love it, and I am so happy for you that they let you change styles! That's unheard of in the wedding industry.