20 May 2011

remember when this dress arrived?
and it was too big?
and my solution was to eat lots of cake?

well, my friends and loved ones managed to talk me out of that scheme, so instead I took the dress to a nice seamstress I found in Cambridge.

I picked it up yesterday after work.
it was still loose.

the whole dress fit much better, and she did a great job, but it was not yet to that point where I can boogie the night away without any fears of it...shifting.

so of course, me being me, I handled the situation beautifully.
by which I mean, I did nothing.
she asked if it was alright, and I said yeah! it's great! and left.

this was my first time at a seamstress, and I was afraid she was going to charge me more if she had to make more alterations, I had just taken the bus in the rain and I was all damp and it had been a long day and I very much wanted to get home and eat dinner.

so I did what I do best. I took the easy, non-confrontational way out.
which is fine. but now I still have a dress that doesn't quite fit me.

hind-sight being 20/20, I should have just said it's great! much better. but...still a little loose here.
she was the sweetest lady and I highly doubt she would have charged me anything else on top of her very reasonable fee.

but I didn't.
so now I'm not sure what to do.

but I am not comfortable with how it fits right now, so I have to do something.

thus, do I:
a) take it back, explain that I a rubbish at business transactions and hope she treats it as an extension of the first appointment and not as a separate visit in which she will charge me again?
b) see if I know any friends/family who have hidden sewing talents?
c) revert back to my first instinct, and eat as many cupcakes as I can in the next three weeks?

(sidebar: as I was typing that last one, all I was thinking about was that scene in How I Met Your Mother where Lily's dress turns out to be too big for her and Robin makes her eat chips and fudge, boot camp style, so she'll fit into it again. I tried to find the video clip, but no luck.)

since I am incapable of making decisions, I am taking the dress down to CT this weekend, showing it to my mother, and making her decide what I should do.

(though I am still leaning towards cupcakes...)



  1. Why don't you do all three? If you take it back (say you were bloated that day) the worst she can do is say it will be another $200 and then you can say no. Meanwhile ask around, and eat cupcakes! I also loved that How I Met Your Mother.

    I'm the same way, hate confrontation, will often say, "It's great" to avoid disappointing someone (even when I'm PAYING THEM). It's frustrating and I sympathize.

    At least this is better than it being too small and being faced with have to eat nothing but salad for two weeks hoping to lose enough to allow it to at least zip up! (This just happened to a friend of mine). Cupcakes are much preferable!

    Good luck!

  2. I actually just got it back today and lunch, and it now fits perfectly!

    thank goodness.

    but in no way will this keep me from eating cupcakes.
    it's what I do best.

    salads are over-rated.

  3. Hi,
    I just came upon your blog today and have enjoyed it - especially being a Boston bride. Can you share the seamstress you went to in Cambridge? I'm looking for one to alter my dress. Thanks!


  4. hiya Lisa!

    the shop is called Queen Dressmakers.
    The women's name is Beatrice.
    I would give a call first, as her hours can be a tad strange, and be aware she only takes cash, but really that's not much of an imposition.
    She in incredibly nice and I loved working with her.

    Good luck!

  5. Thank you Bethany! I'll be sure to check her out!