19 Aug 2010

on the topic of lavender


 I have been waffling back and forth on whether or not I want to hold flowers (or anything really) during the ceremony.
it seems typically the bride only holds them for walking down the aisle (after which she promptly gives them to a bridesmaid) and for the photos.

and since I am still figuring out where I stand on said aisle-walking and roles of bridesmaids (or rather, roles of *insert title other than bridesmaids here*. not a fan of the term bridesmaids...) and all that jazz, it almost makes bouquets a moot point.

sure, I like flowers. but it a non-formal type of way. more in a "hey look what I just found in the garden and ripped off the plant with my bare hands!" kind of way. which, let's be honest, is not the feeling you get from the majority of bridal arrangements.

and then I came across this image this morning.
and I was like "hey. I almost kinda sorta maybe could see me holding something like this on my wedding day."

and you know what my next thought was?

not, is lavender in season in september?
not, that would kinda be cool as I have heard that scent is the sense most closely associated with memory and women that had something fragrant in their flowers always remember their wedding day when they smell that flower now and that would be kinda cool.

oh no.
it was, but purple isn't in our colour scheme.

let's back this up a bit now.
even when we were approaching our wedding by doing all the things you are "supposed" to do, we couldn't come up with a cohesive colour scheme, so to speak.
we tried.

we ended up with a palette consisting of every colour.

granted we put a bit more emphasis on the blues and the greens.
(and the reds and the yellows.)
(and the oranges and the browns.)
than we did the purple, but we definitely didn't have a scheme as you see on martha stewart or similar.

so where this thought came from I have no freakin' clue.

I don't particularly like the fact that upon seeing fairly woodsy and untypical (is that a word?) bundle of lavender, my first thought was of colour schemes.

I don't really believe in colour schemes.
wedding or otherwise.
just ask ben.
my decorating mantra is "if nothing goes, everything goes".

for a colour scheme worry to pop up in my head makes me nervous.
wedding thoughts are obviously starting to go astray.

therefore, I am officially banning myself from looking at snippet & ink and their inspiration boards for at least two weeks.
(nothing against snippet & ink. these are merely bethany sanity saving measures and precautions.)

also, you like how this post cleanly segwayed from one neurotic thought to another, all neatly tied together with the subject of lavender?
and my eighth grade english teacher said my writing fluency skills were lacking.

[image from here]



  1. #1 RE: The history behind holding a bouquet. Generally speaking the original inspiration behind holding a bouquet was to mask your nasty stench on your wedding day (thanks G). So, as you smell like peaches and cream already, you don't HAVE to carry a bouquet (but aren't flowers just too dandy to not have them?)

    #2 RE: the word "Bridesmaids". Lucky for you there is an alternative, which I will be using to avoid having to choose a Maid/Matron of Honor - "Attendants". TA DA!!!!!

    I know, I know. No need to thank. Just remember me when you choose the music (wink wink - I WILL be the first one on the dance floor - after you and Ben, of course).

  2. the brainstorming for the alternative to "bridesmaid" has already commenced.

    and dude, I already have a list of like 5 songs on our playlist that have Andrea written all over them.

    I think you know which ones I mean.