16 Aug 2010

when we were initially planning this thing, we thought we would be 3,000 miles and an ocean away from venue/family/friends for the majority of the pre-wedding time.

which put a firm kebash on my "I am going to make everything!" plan.

course, things have now changed.

the UK is kicking ben and I out, at least till I start grad school next fall, so we will be hanging out a mere 300 miles (ocean now a moot point) at the most from venue/family/friends.

and my urge to do everything is kicking in again.

plans for collected mis-matched plates, bunting and baking our own cupcakes are already in motion. (and by motion I mean talking about how great and easy it is going to be), and other things will most likely make their way into the mix over the coming year. either that, or flee the to-do list.

but the venue decision was made when we were still operating under the assumption that the above-mentioned miles and large bodies of water would be separating b+b and venue/family/friends.

and while I like our venue, especially as it allows everybody to stay there all together, I am not in love with it.

a lot of things are included in the wedding package. we must use their food, and they even provide flowers.

which is probably the most wonderfulest thing ever to some couples.
but us?
we are creative types.
we like to create.
we like to create things that reflect us.
we (I) like to do everything.

which is not really an option at this place.

but deposit's paid, date is set and everybody else is wicked excited about it all.

so I have decided I am going to suck it up and do what I can to make an all-inclusive (or close enough in my mind) package us.

and yes, this will include mis-matched plates.


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